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  • Construction Updates

    Latest Update - 9/22/16

    Ministry Center: Work continues at a fast pace. All 2nd floor interior walls have been sheet rocked. All 1st floor walls have been sheet rocked on one side. In-wall inspections complete. Duct installation is in progress. In the Worship and Arts Center painting of the ceiling and the higher part of the walls is underway. Tape, bedding and painting on the 2nd floor continues. Installation of brick continues on the south face of the building. The cornerstones have been removed in preparation for installing them in the brick columns that frame the windows of the building. The extension of the standing seam metal roof around the vertical top of the building is underway. Lath and plaster work on the north side is underway.   Painting these areas will start on 9/28 and continue for several weeks. November  30 is the planned completion date.

    Bartula Family Life Center: The wall that encloses the stage is going up with framing. The Kitchen washing equipment has been installed. Installation of floor coverings (carpet, VCT & rubber tile) is underway. Repair, refinishing and stripping of the Gym floor will start on 10/3. Completion date anticipated 10/31.

    Music Suite: The Fleming Rehearsal Hall floor has been replaced. sanded and stained. Still awaiting the cross that goes on the outside of the building.


    Ministry Center:  Work continues at a fast pace with multiple subcontractors working simultaneously. The framing sheathing of all exterior walls will complete on 8/12. Layout and framing of interior walls continues. Brick is being laid on the north side of the building. Bricking on the south side will start on 8/15. Storm drains on the south side of the building are in progress. Installation of the standing seam metal roof, mechanical, electrical and plumbing work continue.

    Bartula Family Life Center: Work continues at a fast pace. Gym lights and painting of beams and high walls are complete. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work above the ceilings will complete on 8/17. The ceiling grid is in and ceiling tile will be installed beginning 8/22. Some ceilings get sheet rocked and will be complete by 8/16. Taping, bedding and painting is well underway. Installation of glass and glazing will complete on 8/19. The Kitchen will be the last major project to be done.


    Ministry Center: Exterior wall sheathing, layout of interior walls, MEP (mechanical electrical plumbing), brick work on the north side, roofing on the high roof, and the installation of storm drains on south side continue. Most of the first floor ramps and stairs are in place. Stairs to second floor are in progress.

    Bartula Family Life Center: MEP work above ceilings, painting of trusses and high walls, and sheet rocking continue.


    Ministry Center: Work is going full speed ahead. Currently underway - exterior wall sheathing, interior wall framing, overhead plumbing, electrical and mechanical. Installation of the low roofs will complete on 7/8.  North side bricking is scheduled to begin on 7/18.  Work on the high roof has just begun. Completion for this building is set for 11/30.

    Family Life Center: Currently underway - overhead mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Sheet rocking of the first side of walls will complete on 7/8. Insulation of walls scheduled for 7/12 - 7/15. Sheet rocking of the second side of the walls will begin on 7/14. Completion for this building is set for 10/3.


    Music Suite: Essentially complete!

    Ministry Center: Crane is leaving today. Roof under decking is ongoing for a couple more weeks. Exterior walls are starting to take shape. Interior wall framing is set to begin the first week in June.

    Bartula Family Life Center: Majority of demolition complete. Some framing has begun. HVAC units have been relocated and will be plumbed and ducted.


    Music Suite: Finishes, trim, and floor coverings in progress. High density filing system goes in today. Expect Certificate of Occupancy by 4/30. Restrooms have temporary doors. Other doors will be installed after move-in. Weather has delayed exterior landscape and hardscape.

    Ministry Center: Steel erection continues for the next few weeks. Decking of the second floor is underway. Hope to pour the second floor and begin stairwells the first week of May. A lot of detail work is still left to be done on the structural steel members.

    BFLC: Demo work begins today on rooms 2D, E,and F.


    Music Suite: Electrical, plumbing and duct work complete. Standing seam metal roof expected completion 3/4. Inspections in progress. Brick work in progress. Sheet rocking expected completion 3/18. Framing for the ceilings starts 3/4. Brick laying ongoing. Window glass is on site to be installed. 

    Ministry Center: The cinder block wall connecting Shawver Welcome Center to Ministry center is complete. The cinder block wall connecting BFLC to Ministry Center is well underway, expected completion 3/11. Steel erection is underway and will continue throughout the 3-week schedule.  The steel for the Worship & Arts Center will go up first, followed by the Concourse and then the Celebration Hall.  This is the same order that we poured the 3 slabs.

    2nd Dumpster Site: In progress.


     - Bartula Family Life Center: Windows in 1st floor lobby & 2nd floor youth lounge have been covered for removal in anticipation of BFLC connection to new Ministry Center.


     - Ministry Center: 2/6 - Final slab pour at 8 am. 1/29 - Grade beams poured. Plumbing and electrical for the 96.6 slab (Celebration Hall) in progress.

     - Shawver Welcome Center: West wall glass has been removed. Construction of the CMU walls has begun. 2/8 - Begin to close of the inside of the window wall in the BFLC in preparation for its removal.  This wall will not be as elaborate as the one in The Shawver Welcome Center and not have a large impact on floor space after complete.  This will happen on both floors.

     - Music Suite: Exterior wall sheathing is complete; taping of the seams is underway. Roof install is still underway and will take another week. Window frames are complete. Exterior bricking along the base of the building is beginning. Fireproofing of interior beams, columns, and decking continues. Workers are beginning rough in of some of the interior walls on the south side where the offices and restrooms will be. Rough in of interior piping, electrical, and plumbing is ongoing.


     - Shawver Welcome Center: Fencing has been removed. 1/27-2/2 - Window wall will be removed, followed by construction of concrete block wall to close up the opening.

     - Music Suite: 1/27 - Expected completion of exterior sheathing. 2/3 - Expected completion of window installation; beginning of brick work. 2/12 - Expected completion of standing seam roofing installation. Some interior electrical rough-in and HVAC equipment installation has begun.

     - Ministry Center: 2/5 - Expected slab pour for Celebration Hall area


     - Music Suite: 1/18 - Roof installation begins, finishing early February. 1/22 - Exterior wall sheathing should finish. 1/25-29 - Window installation.

     - Ministry Center: Weather permitting, 100ft elevation slab will be poured Mon 1/18 - large pour - 350+ yards of concrete. Once this pour is complete and cured, they will start to demo the Welcome Center curtain wall (glass) and start to block it up to its new configuration.Grade beam work for the rest of the building is still a work in progress but this should finally end around the first of February.

     - Welcome Center: 1/14-22 - Taping, bedding, and painting of the temporary wall. Fencing will then be removed.


     - Music Suite: Work continues at a good pace. Roof and exterior wall sheathing are expected in the next week or so.

     - Ministry Center: About 2 weeks behind due to rain. Next slab pour expected Jan 15 or 16 in the area that connects Shawver Welcome Center to the concourse that runs in front of the Worship and Arts Center over to the Café.

     - Shawver Welcome Center: Temporary flooring and fencing are in place, blocking the west side of the Welcome Center, for 2-3 weeks to facilitate the construction of a temporary exterior wall around the area where the Welcome Center will adjoin the Ministry Center. A temporary welcome desk is beside the ushers' closet doors. The temporary exterior wall will be in place until the Ministry Center opens. The original desk has been relocated to its new location in Bartula Family Life Center lobby.


     - Shawver Welcome Center - Desk expected to be removed between next week. Temporary wall shielding construction of connection between Shawver and new Ministry Center is expected to be built around January 8.


     - Rain has delayed Music Suite and Ministry Center work about a week. Crew expects to make up lost time. 
     - Ministry Center: Elevator pit has been poured. Miles of conduit have been roughed in under the slab for electrical and data that comes into the Worship and Arts Center. Slab pours expected 12/18 and 12/23.
     - Music Suite: Continuing to install roof trusses, frame out the exterior walls, and work on the high roof. The exterior skin of the building is slated to begin being installed the week of Christmas.
     - 12/28: Move Shawver Welcome Center desk
     - 1/4: Temporary wall in Shawver


     - Ministry Center: 30% of grade beams poured today; slab prep begins 12/1; slab pour expected week of 12/7 (prayer cards to be included)
     - Switchback ramp between BFLC and Education: handrail to be installed 11/23
     - Shawver Welcome Center: desk to be removed 12/21; temporary wall
    to allow for windows to be removed expected 12/28 


     - Sidewalk between Bartula Family Life Center and Education Center and adjacent door into Bartula will be open FRIDAY, 11/13!
     - Ministry Center grade beam forming is underway. Expected to take 3 weeks.
     - Music Suite steel erection is complete. Joists and decking are underway and should complete on 11/11.  Detail steel work should complete on 11/11/13.  Inspections of the steel work scheduled for 11/3 and 11/12-13.  Trusses will be installed starting on 11/16.
     - T
    hird cooling tower arriving this week.


     - Construction crane will be in the parking lot/ring road this Sunday, Oct. 25.
     - Ministry Center - Piers: 26 of 114 left to drill. 10:23: Begin work to excavate and form grade beams. 4 weeks work. 3 levels, 3 pours.
     - Music Suite - 10/29: Laying of joists and decking. 2 weeks work. 10/30: Anticipated completion of steel.


     - Music Suite slab poured on 10/12. Forms being removed. Preparing for structural members to be installed beginning 10/19. A crane will be block the ring road on weekdays. It will not be here on Sundays. Traffic will flow normally on Sundays. Depressions in the slab are for wood flooring in the rehearsal rooms.
     - 10/18: Sidewalk and door on east side of Chapel will be re-opened.
     - 10/19: Ministry Center piers drilling begins. Anticipating 10 piers/day for 3 weeks.
    - 11/4: Expected completion of sidewalk and switchback ramp between Bartula and Education Center.
      - Late November: The Shawver Welcome Center desk will be removed to make room for a screening wall prior to demolition of the glass. The desk will likely be moved to Welcome Center of the BFLC in place of the exiting one.


     - In progress: Sidewalk between Bartula and Education Center; Music Suite mechanical, electrical, plumbing, backfill and grading (10/6 expected completion); Ministry Center soil conditioning (10/9 expected completion)
     - 10/12: Pour Music Suite slab and sidewalk between Bartula and Education Center. Begin layout and drilling of 114 piers for Ministry Center
     - 11/13: New sidewalk between Bartula and Education Center opens. NE door to Bartula reopens.


    Public entry to all events and offices on Bartula Family Life Center is through door #2 at southwest corner.


     - Complete: HVAC underground piping, Music Suite piers (64)
     - Coming soon: Music Suite grade beams, Signage and striping on new handicap parking
     - 9/10: Expected playground completion
     - 9/14: Existing playground demolished, Ministry Center ground work begins
     - 9/14 - 12/31/2015: Entry to Bartula will be from Custer Road side. All east side doors will be inaccessible. Current sidewalk between Bartula and Education Center will be unavailable. 


    Regular and handicap parking spaces at SW corner of BFLC and across from Ministry Center are available.


    Soil conditioning for Music Suite area complete.
    Sanctuary Complex SE door still available.


    We will continue to provide a “sidewalk” of sorts along the NE corner along Ogden Fellowship Hall for foot traffic. The SE door (to Sanctuary/Chapel) will be useable for 2-3 more weeks.

    The city has given us the building permit. Work continues on the Playground. Ground excavation for the Music Suite and Fire Lane starts today. Laying of hot and chilled water piping is in progress around perimeter of Music Suite; this should take about two weeks.

    8/3-8/11: Grading of the Fire Lane, setting up forms and pouring concrete
    8/10: Begin layout and drilling of piers for the Music Suite
    8/16: New parking along SW corner of Bartula Family Life Center should be available
    9/4: Anticipated turnover date for playground


    Please be aware of additional traffic control in the parking lots on Sunday morning.

    To help with your arrival and departure from our campus, we have included additional marked walkways and have traffic control volunteers to help pedestrians cross busy sections of our parking lot.  Of course, we encourage you to consider parking in our additional lots across Custer Rd. and at the post office, and use our Park & Cart service to get to worship on time!

    Be on the watch for the new playground equipment to be installed at the southwest corner of the campus on August 17!


    Door #3 is now closed.  Please use Door #1 & #4 for your entrance to the Bartula Family Life Center.














    6/24-7/8: Move/install underground utilities between Bartula Family Life Center and Education Center.

    7/6: Install construction fences for Ministry Center and Music Suite.
    Begin demolition:
     - For fire lane from west parking lot to new Ministry Center
     - For new parking on southwest side of Bartula Family Life Center
      - Of sidewalks near Music Suite
    Handicap parking will be relocated and labeled.

    7/7-7/24: Sidewalk between Bartula and Education Center will be closed and demolished for underground utility work, then re-poured.

    7/12: Sunday morning golf carts will begin pick-up from the post office parking lot walk-through at 8:15 am.

    8/15: Expected playground completion.


    The construction trailer is in the First Center parking lot. Fences are up in preparation of the new playground.

  • What We're Building

    Music Suite

    Rehearsal Hall
    Children's Choir room
    Hand bell room
    Robing areas
    Music storage space


    Ministry Center

    Worship & Arts Center
    Celebration Hall
    Administrative Offices




    Youth & Family Life Facilities

    Dedicated Youth Worship and Lounge Spaces
    Dedicated Gym



    New Playground

    Plus pedestrian walkway/fire lane access to Ministry Center

  • Transition Team

    Transition Team

    Prayer - Becky Bruff
    Moving & Logistics - Debra Hobbs Mason, Frank Clem
    Furnishings - Frank Clem, Gloria Scott, Connie Presley
    Construction Worker Hospitality - Heather Canny
    Opening Celebrations - Kristen Ceaser

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