Dec 26

A Sense of Community and Accepting Nature - Cole & Jennifer's Story

We had been searching for a church in the area and attended the traditional service off-and-on, but we never felt a true connection.  On a whim, we decided to give Access a try and we both came out of the first service blown away.  Our first Access service was interactive, with rotating stations where we engaged in prayer over different topics and provided written responses for questions asked.  On the car ride home, we both agreed that for the first time in our quest to find a church home that we couldn’t wait for the next Sunday to arrive for another trip to Access.  Since that day, we have become members at FUMCR and haven’t looked back.  We love Access and continue to visit for the sense of community, their accepting nature and the real-world applications provided by Rich and Julie.

Cole & Jennifer Reagan, FUMCR Members and ACCESS Attendees

Visit ACCESs Modern Worship Website

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