Nov 24

A word of gratitude from the Access team

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The spirit of gratitude shows us just how closely connected gratitude is to hope, love and grace. This year we each wanted to share with you what we are grateful for. 

I'm grateful for all the strangers that have become friends this year. I see God's grace in their willingness to reach out, welcome, and embrace someone new in their lives. At church I'm continually reminded of the blessing of our congregation. You give your time, money, energy, and creativity in places and ways you wouldn't have to and make a true difference in our community. I'm grateful to live out our mission alongside you, Welcoming people for Christ, Growing people in Christ, and Serving people with Christ!
-Pastor Rich Rindfuss

I’m grateful for my Access family here. For someone who has their immediate family in other, far away, states, I can’t express how thankful and grateful I am to have found a family to share my life with here in Texas. You guys mean the world to me!
-Shandon Klein

I’m grateful for FUMCR, a place that Val and I are excited to call our church home! We’re honored to partner with other church members, guests, acquaintances, and everyone else we meet along the way in spreading the Gospel and furthering God’s Kingdom. I’m also grateful for the example our church sets in the community and the Methodist denomination on how to be a church that welcomes, worships, and serves as one body of Christ, regardless of political or social beliefs or backgrounds. What a blessing it is to have that kind of culture in church!
-Eric Czechowski

I’m grateful to be part of community that welcomes everyone with open hearts and minds. In a time when it’s so easy to be divided and find reasons to pull away from each other, I’m grateful the our Access community looks for ways to draw closer, to love one another more fully and serve by loving those around us.
-Pastor Julie Richter 


Join us as we start our new series this Sunday Reindeer and Donkeys! Christmas is full of contradictions- it can be messy and magical, sacred and secular. As we head into this Christmas season, join us as we talk about how to find the goodness and light of Jesus in the midst of it all.

See you Sunday! 

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