Mar 03

Small group meet-and-greet & ice cream social this Sunday after Access

You can feel very anonymous in a large church like ours… until you join a small group. In a group, everyone knows your name, they challenge and encourage you to grow in your faith, and when you need support, they have your back. This Sunday after Access worship you'll gave a chance to enjoy some ice cream, meet other members of the Access community, and meet representatives from small groups that you can join.

We have several types of groups you can meet on Sunday:

  • Sunday school classes – these meet year-round at 9:45 a.m. on Sundays at the church.
  • Group Life groups – these form in the spring and fall and meet for 10-12 weeks on various days and at various times, often at the church but sometimes off-site.
  • Women’s and men’s groups – these meet at various times with varying schedules.

All of the groups use Bible-based curricula. Some focus on a book or books or the Bible. Others focus on a topic and scriptures related to the topic. Many Group Life groups use a study guide written at FUMCR and based on the past Sunday’s sermon. Any group you choose will help you grow in your faith and build a strong community of close Christian friends.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday as we begin a new sermon series titled “On Holy Ground.” Between now and Easter we’ll follow Jesus’ ministry, looking at key “holy ground” moments that reveal who he is. Along the way I’m praying that you’ll have your own holy ground moments in Access and encounter the spirit of Christ.

See you Sunday!

Rich Rindfuss
Access Pastor
First United Methodist Church Richardson

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