Jan 23

Made to Feel Known and Valued – Natalie and Wes’s Story

Our family began attending Access soon after it first began. We had already fallen in love with FUMCR and liked attending the traditional services.  But, we were curious about the different format and, frankly, the evening time slot was appealing during the summer. We attended Access more often than the morning services that summer, and, more than anything, that had to do with Rich. We really appreciated his academic but approachable teaching of the scriptures and his incredible approach to hands-on community service. We liked his silly sense of humor.  And we really liked that our pastor at our big church knew us by name.

I think that is why we return to Access.  We love going to the traditional service, and we love how comfortable we feel even in a large congregation. We love all of the opportunities that a large church can offer for community and involvement. But on those Sundays when we go to Access, we know that there will be people who call us by name and ask how Wes’s work and our kids are doing. And they trust us to help in their growth and ministry. Being made to feel known and valued is why we will continue to support Access.

Wes & Natalie Hendrix, FUMCR members and ACCESS attendees

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