Celebrations by UMW

Let FUMCR be the place for your next important celebration!

The United Methodist Women of FUMCR will help with any celebration that you choose to have at the church campus.

  • Receptions
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthday parties
  • Graduation celebrations
  • Class functions

We will set up, serve and take care of replenising the food and drinks during the event. And when it is time to clean up, we do that too!!

Contact Nancy Rucker, 972 235 9931, our Celebration Coordinator, for information on how we can help you give a celebration and enjoy the party as well.

Let your celebration be a gift to others!

UMW members volunteer, and the money earned goes directly to fund ministries to women, children and youth. While you have a great celebration, you also contribute to the wonderful family missions for the United Methodist Church through the Women's Division.