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Brings a Smile to Both Our Faces – Carrie & Martha’s Story

Posted by fcollins    1 Comment(s)    Add a Comment  comment-icon.png

My mom and I had been members of the church for 11 years when we stumbled into Access. I had just returned from college and met Julie at a young adult summer bible study she led. After getting to know Julie, I decided I wanted to go try Access, but I didn’t want to go alone. My mom agreed to go with me to make me feel more comfortable and we have never looked back. We love the family atmosphere that Access provides for us. This community has been with us through a lot and that brings a smile to both of our faces quicker than anything. Rich and Julie are a beautiful extension of what Clayton provides at the pulpit every morning. We love Access and FUMCR!

Carrie & Martha Lammers, FUMCR members and ACCESS attendees