Leadership Development at FUMCR

LeadershipFirst is a movement that provides sustainability, growth and leverage for the future of FUMCR by fulfilling its mission of equipping Christians to be passionate servant leaders in the Church and community.

FUMCR's LeadershipFirst process includes:

  • relationship building;
  • practical education; and
  • interactive leadership experiences.
  • Overview Experience

    The Overview Experience brings approximately 25 participants into 5 separate learning opportunities which are designed to:
     - Help build relationships;
     - Provide education about personal leadership; and
     - Foster discernment about where talents and passions align with opportunities at FUMCR.

    Classes are held each spring and fall.

  • Project Moses

    Project Moses Pilot was held in 2015-16 with 12 participants. It encompassed deeper leadership discernment and experiential leadership through a group projects. Relationships were formed and strengthened. The next Project Moses class will be held in 2017-18.

  • Stories

    Do you have a story to share about how LeadershipFirst has been impactful for you? Share your story here.

    Read others' stories below.

  • FAQs

    What is LeadershipFirst?
    LeadershipFirst is an intentional process by which current and potential leaders are:
      - Identified and connected to each other;
      - Equipped with knowledge and resources; and
      - Challenged and supported to take steps toward ensuring the continued success of their ministries.

    Why is LeadershipFirst important to the church?
    LeadershipFirst will provide an ongoing resource for intentional, purposeful leadership that fosters sustainability for the future of FUMCR.

    How is LeadershipFirst important to me?
    LeadershipFirst offers faith-based opportunities for personal growth in the areas of self-discovery, leadership development, networking and education.

  • Alumni
    Upon completion of a LeadershipFirst experience, participants will have access to a variety of resources for networking and further education. (coming soon)

  • Contact
    Beth Smith
    Karen Varner
    Assistant Director





Price Newton

Remarkable people are met through LeadershipFirst. Read More

LeadershipFirst....a blessing!

LeadershipFirst....a blessing!

Bruce Batman

Being involved has given me an even deeper appreciation for our great church. . . . Read More

I Believe in LeadershipFirst...

I Believe in LeadershipFirst...

Cathy Chen

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