Mom and Me

A Special Project for Mother's Day 2015

We are looking for short video clips and photographs that capture interactions between mothers and their children. All ages of mothers and children are welcome to participate, and the images and videos do not have to be recent. Those old "home movies" can contain some touching nostalgia. 

Send us your images and videos (5 seconds - 2 minutes in length) of moms and their kids doing activities, hugs & kisses, comforting while crying, rocking in a rocking chair... anything you think shows the special bond between moms & their children, via this upload link:

The sky's the limit on what memories you submit!

Memories that are currently on VHS cassette or some other non-digital format can be submitted.  Please contact for an appointment to covert the footage to a digital format.

Select submissions will be edited together and shown in worship on Mother's Day, May 10, 2015.

The Fine Print

By submitting photos and/or videos, you give permission to FUMCR to use them in a video to be shown in worship on Mother's Day 2015 and posted on social media.

Submissions will not be used again after Mother's Day 2015.

Due to the anticipated volume of submissions and the length of the final product, not all submissions will be used. FUMCR reserves the right to edit submissions for the purposed of the project. 

Project Coordinator: , 972.996.0135