Wednesday, May 29

We're praying for our community following yesterday's severe early morning storms.
As many homes and businesses (including FUMCR) await restoration of electricity, the City of Richardson has cooling/charging centers open.
While our campus is closed, email is the best way to contact our staff.

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About Us

Lay Leaders 2024

Church Council

Chairperson  •   James Lee
Vice Chair  •  To be named in 2024
Recording Secretary  •  Betsy Bennington
Faith Formation  •  Kim Caston
Welcoming  •  Sarah Smith
Music Ministry  •  Hollis Cash
Children’s Ministry  •  Amy McCloskey
Missions  •  Paul McNutt
Church & Society  •  Cathy Chen
Caring Ministry  •  Marsha Mayo
Men of Faith  •  Scott Smith
United Women in Faith  •  Pam Shamblin
Youth (Adult)  •  Larry Porter
Youth  •  Aiden Spence
Young Adults  •  Ben Gaudsmith
Senior Adults  •  Frances Long
Leadership Development  •  Carl Smith
Strategic Vision Committee  •  Jaxie Alt
Worship  •  Jenny Patton
Board of Trustees  •  TBD
Staff Parish Relations Committee  •  Suzie Summerfelt
Finance  •  Bob Caston


2024  •  Bill Harris, Kris Stone, Tommy Dodson
2025  •  Paige Dagen, Amy Jernigan, Clay Yearsley
2026  •  Beth Lloyd, Jennifer Whaley, Chuck Mulkey

Staff Parish Relations Committee

2024  •  Barbie Coleman, Brian McCloskey, Cheryl Brown
2025  •  Tobin Knox, Suzie Sommerfelt (chair), Terry Sibley
2026  •  Cathy Phillips, Richard Myers, Susan Watson

Committee on Nominations

2024  •  Kendal Hartley, Tiffany Hoodenpyle
2025  •  Shabnam Gill, Sarah Allen, Marvilou Walters
2026  •  Randy Montgomery, Amy Hammer, Carl Hanks
Chair  •  Senior Pastor
Ex-Officio Member  •  Exec. Director

Finance Committee

2024  •  Bob Caston (chair), Joni Way, Dennis Weiner
2025  •  Jen Grant, Jason Larkin, Mark Twilley
2026  •  Claire Evans, Jamie Robertson, Elizabeth Young

FUMCR Preschool Board

2024  •  Marta Mountjoy, Kristen Jones (chair)
2025  •  Kim Caston, Scott Smith, Liz Morse
2026  •  Sarah Gillette, Gere Gleim, Carolyn Dale

Strategic Vision Committee

2024  •  Jaxi Alt (chair), Doug Findley, Robin Kelly
2025  •  Laura Bray, Nikki Gill, Brooke Green
2026  •  Chris Gipson, David Jones, Dave Grimm

FUMCR Foundation, Inc., Board

2024  •  Daniel Burdette, Gloria Scott, Scott Ramsey
2025  •  John Gilchrist (chair), Neil Massey, Mark Solomon
2026  •  Gary Coleman, Russ McFadden, Allison Zvolanek

Local Church Lay Members of Annual Conference 

Bob Roos, Leo Barrios, Carole Campbell, Cynthia Shamblin, Kirk Lipscomb, Janeva Longacre, Casey Harrison, Debbie Smelko, Deborah Peavy, Kevin Burns

At Large Lay Members of Annual Conference


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