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About Us

Lay Leaders 2018

Church Council

Chairperson  •  Paula Harrison
Vice Chair  •  Tim Griffy
Recording Secretary  •  Dan Hoag
Lay Leader  •  Gary & Glenda Hanks
Faith Formation  •  Roger Fortney
Welcoming Ministries  •  Scott Furr
Music Ministry  •  Emily Breland
Children’s Ministry  •  Jaime Lyons
Outreach  •  Clay Yearsley
Church & Society  •  Dan Hoag
Caring Ministry  •  Harriet Garnett
Access Modern Worship  •  Ross Eisenbeis
Men of Faith  •  Marc Mason
United Methodist Women  •  Nita Ulaszek, Marsha Mayo
Youth (Adult)  •  Scott Livingston
Youth  •  Darci Williams
Young Adults, Group Life  •  Calvin Smellage
Senior Adults  •  Mike & JoAnne Patrick
Leadership Development  •  Joe Hunt
Board of Trustees  •  Michelle Jackson
Staff Parish Relations Committee  •  Jay Hatch
Finance  •  Erin Marshall
Strategic Vision Committee  •  Cathy Murphree


2018  •  Robin Kelly, Kristie Domangue, Jason Lemons
2019  •  Todd Cubbage, Matt Walker, Michelle Jackson (Chair)
2020  •  Jenny Cox, Kirk Dreyer, Vaughn DuBose

Staff Parish Relations Committee

2018  •  Christy McWhorter, Mark Lee, Jay Hatch (Chair)
2019  •  Sandy Brehm, Kathryn Alexander, Jim Hancock
2020  •  Carolyn Bukhair, Dawn Kahle, Steven Hills

Committee on Nominations

2018  •  Bobby Cave, Brenda Duckett, Stacey Thomas
2019  •  Jim Caulk, Pam Hunt, Patti Otte
2020  •  Bruce Batman, Scott Smith, June Delleney
Senior Pastor (Chair)
Ex-Officio Members  •  Exec. Assoc. Pastor, Director of Leadership Development, Lay Leader(s), Leadership First Steering Team Member

Finance Committee

2018  •  David Montgomery, Bryan Jacobs, Amanda Moulton
2019  •  Price Newton, Erin Marshall (Chair), Rob Lawrence
2020  •  Mike Henderson, Amy Jernigan, Grant Morris

Weekday Kids at First Board

2018  •  Kyle Brehm, Christy MacDonald (Chair)
2019  •  Debbie Hummel, Phil Martin
2020  •  Melanie Jackson, Cori Pratt, Jordan Livingstone

Local Church Lay Members of Annual Conference 2017

Paula Harrison (Council Chair), Gary or Glenda Hanks (Lay Leader), Nelson Jazi (Zimbabwe), Larry Cox, Cathy Benjamin, Chris Gipson, Melinda Bogoslavsky, Michelle Wood, Betsy Bennington

District Lay Members of Annual Conference 2017

Alys Richards, Janeva Longacre, Cheryl Bishop