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Lay Leaders 2023

Church Council

Chairperson  •  Pamela Hughes
Vice Chair  •  James Lee
Recording Secretary  •  Kristen Ingram
Faith Formation  •  Kim Caston
Welcoming Ministries  •  Sabre Mrusek
Music Ministry  •  Kris Stone
Children’s Ministry  •  Amy McCloskey
Missions  •  Paul McNutt
Church & Society  •  Cathy Chen
Caring Ministry  •  Marsha Mayo
Men of Faith  •  Andy Pendleton
United Women in Faith  •  Pam Shamblin
Youth (Adult)  •  Larry Porter
Youth  •  Liam Martin
Young Adults  •  Ben Gaudsmith, Erin Oliphint
Senior Adults  •  Carole Nance
Leadership Development  •  Carl Smith
Strategic Vision Committee  •  Jaxie Alt
Worship  •  Jenny Patton
Board of Trustees  •  TBD
Staff Parish Relations Committee  •  Kay Fisk
Finance  •  Bob Caston


2023  •  Laurie Patton, Greg Collins, Zach Allen
2024  •  Bill Harris, Kris Stone, Tommy Dodson
2025  •  Paige Dagen, Amy Jernigan, Clay Yearsley

Staff Parish Relations Committee

2023  •  Chris Kleinert, Jan Casner, Kay Fisk (chair)
2024  •  Barbie Coleman, Brian McCloskey, Cheryl Brown
2025  •  Tobin Knox, Suzie Sommerfelt, Terry Sibley

Committee on Nominations

2023  •  Debbie Smelko, Thalia Shirley, Carole Graham
2024  •  Kendal Hartley, Tiffany Hoodenpyle, Daniel Hoag
2025  •  Shabnam Gill, Sarah Allen, Marvilou Walters
Chair  •  Senior Pastor
Ex-Officio Member  •  Exec. Director

Finance Committee

2023  •  Blake McFadden, Shannon Smith, Kim Guinn
2024  •  Bob Caston (chair), Joni Way, Dennis Weiner
2025  •  Jen Grant, Jason Larkin, Mark Twilley

Weekday Kids at First Board

2023  •  Ashley Kelly, Mallory Duncan
2024  •  Marta Mountjoy, Kristen Jones (chair)
2025  •  Kim Caston, Scott Smith, Liz Morse

Strategic Vision Committee

2023  •  Shawna Lewis, Eric Neef, Mackenzie Grant
2024  •  Jaxi Alt(chair), Doug Findley, Robin Kelly
2025  •  Laura Bray, Nikki Gill, Brooke Green

FUMCR Foundation, Inc., Board

2023  •  Keith Hall (chair), Richard Ramey, Melinda Lawrence
2024  •  Daniel Burdette, Gloria Scott, Scott Ramsey
2025  •  John Gilchrist, Neil Massey, Mark Solomon

Local Church Lay Members of Annual Conference 

Pamela Hughes (Council Chair), Laura Bierck, Kevin Burns, Bonnie Edwards, Joel Eichler, Debbie Smelko

At Large Lay Members of Annual Conference

Janeva Longacre, Cheryl Bishop, Shandon Klein

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