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Women's Ministry

Let all that you do be done in love. - 1 Corinthians 16:14

United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women is a mission oriented community of nearly one million women whose purposes include:
  •  Spiritual growth through knowing God and Jesus Christ;
  •  Developing a creative supportive fellowship;
  •  Participation in the global ministries of the church; and
  •  Developing and using skills for service, leadership development, and personal growth.

  • Circles

    Small groups within the local church's UMW group participate in and support the purposes of UMW. Monthly meetings include prayer and sharing time, plus a speaker, program by a member, or an activity.

    Guests and new members are always welcome.


    3rd Tuesdays, August-May, 1-2:30 pm, First Center

    Agape Circle is a small, intimate group of long-time, dedicated members with an age range of 60's and above, but they are open to women of all ages. Contact: Kay Fleming 972.234.2549


    1st Tuesdays, September-July, 7-9 pm, Room 203

    The Hannah Circle is a group of approximately 25 vibrant, active women of all ages and stages of life. Our members provide a light supper during each meeting. Contacts: Robin Kelly 972.898.4691  Ann Conner 972.571.0142


    1st Wednesdays, 9:30 am, First Center

    Joanna is an intimate group that welcomes women of all ages. Contacts: , 214.952.8163, Joyce Dawson 469.363.0390


    3rd Mondays, September-July, 10:30-12:30, First Center

    Koinonia has 27 energetic, caring members, ages 60+.  This group enjoys lunch together after the meeting. Contact: Brownie Newton 972.437.4810

    Morning Glory

    1st Mondays, September-June, 10-11:30 am, Room 203

    Morning Glory has about 30 members with ages ranging from mid 50s to 70s.  All ages are welcome and would fit in. Contacts: Ann Conner 972.571.0142, 972.644.5582


    3rd Tuesdays, August-May, 9:30-11:30 am, Members' homes

    Rejoice has been in existence for many years.  Its 21 members have a wide age range and are a mix of long-time members and newer members. Contact: Joyce Lloyd 972.644.8447


    2nd Thursdays, 7-8:30 pm, Members' homes

    Ruth is an intimate group of 13, ranging in age from 50s-70s. Several are retired teachers. In June, July, and August they meet for casual get-togethers. The group would welcome women of all ages. Contact: Louise Riley, 972.699.8462

  • Officers

    Presidents - Nita Ulaszek and Marsha Mayo

    Co-Vice Presidents - Donna Russell and Marta Mountjoy

    Secretary - Joyce Lloyd

    Treasurer - Karen Morgan

    Spiritual Growth - Pam Shamblin and Melanie Cottam

    Education and Interpretation - Amy Trigg

    Social Action - Ann Austin

    Membership - Jean Harrington and Diana Ramsower

    Program Resources - Kay Fleming

    Communications - Glenda Hanks

    Celebration Coordinators - Marta Mountjoy, Nancy Rucker and Penny Hamlett

    Committee on Nominations (3 year term) - Jean Morse (2018), Linda Niuman (2018), Carolyn Vanaman (2019) - Chair, Melanie Calvert (2020) and Donna Carruth (2020)

    Local Mission Representatives
    Bethlehem Center - Linda McAlister

    CC Young - Ann McGovern & May Ellen Szuwalski

    Methodist Hospital - Janice Myers & Nancy Healy

    Wesley-Rankin Community Center - Pam Shamblin

  • Local Missions
    Local Missions

    Our UMW unit regularly supports four local missions. Each circle is assigned a local mission, and they are rotated every two years so everyone has an opportunity to learn about each organization. We support each mission in various ways and keep abreast of needs and events by having a representative on each board.

    Bethlehem Center

    Since 1945, Dallas Bethlehem Center has provided the children of South Dallas with a nurturing environment that benefits the entire family structure by offering holistic services for each child's educational, physical, emotional, social, moral and spiritual needs. Their focus ranges from child development for ages 1-5, after-school and summer enrichment programs for ages 6-12 and a youth development program for ages 13-21. Learn More

    C.C. Young

    C.C. Young is a Methodist retirement center serving those in independent living to those in full care in Dallas overlooking White Rock Lake. We host birthday parties, make lap robes and shawls. We visit residents and provide Bingo gifts for them. We support different benefits throughout the year to provide services or enhancements to the facilities. Learn More

    Methodist Dallas Medical Center

    Our unit supports Methodist Hospital throughout the year. Our mission focuses on infants and new mothers. We donate Halloween tray favors, layette sets, shot dolls and infant eye covers (for infants under lights for jaundice). We donate red Christmas stockings and knitted white hats for the Christmas babies to be wrapped in to go home. 

    Wesley Rankin Community Center

    Wesley Rankin is a community center serving West Dallas. Our unit supports this mission throughout the year with book donations for their library, donations for school supplies and gifts for the Christmas Store Program which allows parents to shop in a store with volunteer hours they have donated at their children's schools or other community programs. Wesley Rank holds an annual benfit which provides most of the annual funding for the community center. Learn More

  • Celebrations

    Let FUMCR be the place for your next important celebration!

    The United Methodist Women of FUMCR will help with any celebration that you choose to have at the church campus.

         Birthday parties
         Graduation celebrations
         Class functions

    We will set up, serve and take care of replenishing the food and drinks during the event. And when it is time to clean up, we do that too!!

    Contact Nancy Rucker, 972.235.9931, our Celebration Coordinator, for information on how we can help you give a celebration and enjoy the party as well.

    Let your celebration be a gift to others!

    UMW members volunteer, and the money earned goes directly to fund ministries to women, children and youth. While you have a great celebration, you also contribute to the wonderful family missions for the United Methodist Church through United Methodist Women.

  • Events


    Tue, Feb 13 11:30 am Project Party Room 226 and 227 Marta Mountjoy

    Tue, Apr 10

    Fri, Apr 20 –
    Sat, Apr 21

    11:30 am

    1 pm Fri -
    4 pm Sat

    Spring Luncheon

    Weekend for Women Retreat   

    Ogden Fellowship

    Prothro Retreat Center  

    Donna Russell

    Pam Shamblin

    Fri, Apr 27

    6:30 pm

    Mother/Daughter Banquet

    Coleman Family Hall

    Donna Russell

    Tue, Aug 14 6:30 Project Party Room 226 and 227 Marta Mountjoy
    Tue, Oct 9 6:30 pm Fall Dinner Mays Hall

    Donna Russell

    Tue, Nov 13 7 pm Project Party Middlebrooks Hall  
    Sun, Dec 2
    and Dec 9
    8:45 am  -         
    12:30 pm   
    Drink Mix Sale Coleman Hall
    Tue, Dec 11  6:30 pm Christmas Celebration Ogden Fellowship Hall Donna Russell

  • Resources

    Greater UMW

    Metro District UMW

    North Texas Conference UMW

    National UMW  

    UMW Online Community