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Communication Guidelines

Publicizing activities helps ensure their success. The information below outlines the communications opportunities available at FUMCR. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact .

Submit your Info to the Communication Team

  •  SUBMIT FORM fumcr.com/shout
  •  EMAIL

Bulletin Announcements and Inserts

Deadline: Monday noon prior to the Sunday
Insert reservations must be made in advance through .
Groups that reserve bulletin inserts are responsible for paying for paper and printing and for stuffing the inserts into the bulletins on Friday.


Use the methods listed above (Submit your Info to the Communication Team) to request publicity on the website.

Welcome Desk Information on Sundays


Assign a person(s) from your committee to the Welcome Center to manage the sign-up, answer questions and provide information.

Sell Tickets or Fundraise

You must clear it in advance with .

First Connections Magazine

Distribution: This is a bimonthly publication: Jan/Feb, Mar/ Apr, May/June, Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec.

Magazine will be mailed the last week of the month prior to its publication month.
Magazine will be available online the first day of the month it is published.

FUMCR Campus Banners

Banner space must be reserved. Contact .

Outside Campus Banners

West and East sides of the FUMCR campus
  •  Facing Central Expressway
  •  Facing Custer
  •  Size Requirement: 8' wide x 4' high

Porte-cochere on the South side of the FUMCR campus
  •  Size Requirement: 12' wide x 28" high

Golf Cart Banners

Size Requirement: 96" wide x 18" high
* 2" pockets need to be sewn into both sides. Grommets are needed on the top, 32" in from each side.

Advertising in the Community

Assistance with the coordination of advertising in the community can be achieved by contacting

Photographs from Events/Activities

FOCUS Photography Ministry is a group of volunteers that serve at various church events as the "eyes of FUMCR." Photos may be used in the First Connections magazine, fumcr.com website, FUMCR's SmugMug photo sharing site, during worship and more.

We would love to see YOUR photos at FUMCR!!  Submit any of your photos of FUMCR events at fumcr.com/sharephotos.
Questions?  Contact: , 972.996.0135

Social Media

FUMCR is plugged in to the world of Social Media through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Our goal is to connect people online with the ministries of our church, provide inspiration and generate feedback and conversations that reach others far beyond our church walls.

If you would like to know more about having your FUMCR ministry or group represented on social media, please contact us to discuss what permanent or promotional options are available for you!

Contact: , 972.996.0135 

Connect with us online at:
  •  Facebook: www.facebook.com/FUMCRichardson and www.facebook.com/accessFUMCR
  •  Twitter: @FUMCR and @accessFUMCR
  •  Instagram: @FUMCR and @accessFUMCR
  •  YouTube: www.youtube.com/fumcr and www.youtube.com/accessfumcr
  •  FUMCR Stories:  fumcr.com/stories