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Before you submit a Shout form, please, please make sure the following has been done in this order:

1. If event is at FUMCR, REQUEST A ROOM (and special services if needed) in ServiceU
2. REQUEST CHILDCARE (if needed) by emailing Cheryl W and Barbie -; - so Cheryl can reserve space and add the option to the Childcare form in F1, and Barbie can schedule workers.
3. CREATE GROUP/ACTIVITY in F1 if needed.
4. IF REGISTRATION/PAYMENT IS NEEDED, clone/create F1 form, GET FORM REVIEWED/APPROVED by Stachia or Shandon, and include link below.


The Communication team will use the information you provide below to ensure your event/announcement is promoted via appropriate communication channels. Read more about FUMCR Communication Guidelines.

Bulletin Deadline - Monday noon for the following Sunday
Events with Registration - Include approved link below (Each ministry area  is responsible for its own registrations and room requests.)

After a successful submission, you will see a copy of what was sent to the Communication Team and you will receive an email copy.  If you do not see or receive a copy of your form, please resubmit it.

Have an update to a previously submitted Shout form? Send an email to .

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