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Adult Ministry

Then Jesus said ... “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” - John 8:31-32

Adult Sunday School

We offer a variety of open, on-going groups, each committed to spiritual growth, mission and fellowship, that meet on Sunday mornings at the church.

You are encouraged to visit a number of groups and experience the unique personality that each one offers before choosing a group. Some groups are small, intimate gatherings, while others are larger and more formal. Some are led by the same gifted teacher each week, while others are facilitated by class members, guest speakers or clergy. Some groups are entirely based in Bible study, while others explore contemporary Christian topics.

If you need help getting started please contact , 972.996.0148.

  • 8:30/8:45 Classes
    8:30/8:45 Classes


    8:30-9:30 am  •  Fellowship Hall West  •  Adults, average age 70

    Class lessons are Bible studies led by members, pastors and guest speakers. Outside of class they volunteer in the church and community and enjoy quarterly socials.

    Seekers Bible Study

    8:30-9:30 am  •  Room 203  •  Couples and singles, ages 60s-70s

    Class lessons are in-depth studies of the Bible. The class presents a scholarship to a graduating senior each spring.


    8:45-9:45 am  •  Room 206  •  Women of all ages

    Studies and conversations of faith led by class members take place each Sunday morning. Outside of class, members participate in church mission and service.

  • 9:45 Classes
    9:45 Classes


    9:45-10:45 am  •  Room 209  •  Parents, ages 40s-50s, of 'tweens to college age children

    Classes are self-led, often video- and discussion-based, studies of Bible and Christian living topics, with occasional guest speakers. Outside of class, members participate in and support church missions and enjoy frequent social gatherings.


    9:45-10:45 am  •  Room 215  •  Couples & singles, multi-generational

    Class lessons are in-depth Bible studies led by class members. Assistance with church missions and seasonal gatherings foster relationships within the group.

    Common Ground

    9:45-10:45 am  •  Room 213  •  Single adults with infants - teenage children 

    Weekly bible and topical discussions led by guest teachers and class members. The group is a diverse family of Christ-focused single parents who are dedicated to growing together through faith, fellowship, and service.

    Confirmation Connection

    9:45-10:45 •  Mays Hall  •  Parents of 6th Grade/Confirmation Students

    The focus of this new group is to expose parents to the curriculum the students are learning, understand the Confirmation process, learn more about FUMCR, and discuss how to support and guide 6th graders at this point in their faith journey.


    9:45-10:45 am  •  Harvey Assembly Room 217A  •  Adults, ages mid-50s+

    Instructor-led Genesis to Revelation Bible study series, involvement in church missions and quarterly social events are key components of this class.


    9:45-10:45 am  •  Room 211  •  Couples & singles, ages 40+, with & without children

    Weekly lessons are self-led, exploring life from a Biblical perspective. Participation in church missions and social opportunities for couples, men, women, and families foster relationships among members.


    9:45-10:45 am  •  Room 208  •  Adults, ages 50s-70s

    Lessons by class members or invited speakers on variety of topics are offered each week. Members participate in service throughout church and socialize at Sunday lunches and potlucks.


    9:45-10:45 am  •  Room 206  •  Engaged & married couples, ages late 20s-40s 

    Studies of Bible and contemporary Christian issues that provoke discussion and relate to everyday life are offered each week. Quarterly participation in community and church projects as well as monthly social events out and at members’ homes build and keep relationships strong among members.


    9:45-10:45 am  •  Harvey Assembly Room 217B  •  Parents, ages 30s-40s, of young children

    Sunday morning topics include Christian-based approaches to spiritual growth, parenting and marriage and are applicable to any place on one’s Christian journey. Class projects include the annual community Easter egg hunt / collection for Network and holiday toy donations. Family potlucks and outings further connect members to each other.

    Joyful Questers

    9:45-10:45 am  •  Room 203  •  Adults, ages 55+

    Lessons are led equally by class members and guest speakers on a variety of topics. Members support many church and community missions and enjoy regular parties and outings together.

    Life Connections

    9:45-10:45 am  •  Room 204  •  Couples, ages 30s-40s

    This group is self-led and covers a variety of topics in class from Bible study to parenting to social subjects. Body and Soul service and Christmas “adoption” of a family are two regular mission projects. Members enjoy shared meals, nights out, retreats and camping.

    Middle Ground

    9:45-10:45 am  •  Mays Hall  •  Parents of Junior High / Middle Schoolers

    Middle Ground welcomes all parents who are in the "middle" of something. Sunday mornings may be youth curriculum, topical discussions infused with biblical application, or simply praying for one another over our joys and concerns. Middle Ground meets during the school year only, beginning on the Sunday after Labor Day through the Sunday before Memorial Day.


    9:45-10:45 am  •  Room 214  •  Couples, ages 20s-30s

    On Sundays, short Biblical video/study series are followed with in depth class discussions over a variety of topics. Outside of class, members meet regularly for social gatherings, local community service, and other activities. A focus on intentional Christian community helps bring balance to the many demands of work and life. 


    9:45-10:45 am  •  Chapel  •  Adults, ages 65+

    Lessons by class and community members on contemporary Christian issues and Bible study are offered weekly. Members provide support for many area charities and participate in quarterly socials, holiday parties and monthly women’s coffees.


    9:45-10:45 am  •  Room 202  •  Adults, ages 40s-50s

    Adult Bible Series lessons & discussions are led by Roger Reynolds and Randy Montgomery. Assistance to area families in need and periodic socials are additional components of this group.

    Singles Fellowship

    9:45-10:45 am  •  Room 210  •  Singles, 40s-60s, with & without children 

    Weekly lessons nurture spiritual and personal growth and are led by guest teachers & class members. Missions include regular assistance with Body & Soul, Habitat for Humanity and mission work trips. Weekly Sunday Lunch Bunch, monthly dinners and fellowship activities provide social connections.


    9:45-10:45 am  •  Ogden Fellowship Hall West  •  Adults, ages 40s-60s

    Bible-based lessons and life application discussions are led by volunteer class members and guest teachers. The class enjoys regular social events and mission projects, and sponsors the annual Pancake Flip. 

Adult Ministry Staff

Sarah Marsalis-Luginbill
Rev. Sarah Marsalis-Luginbill
Pastor, Adult Faith Formation, Young Adults, United Women in Faith
Cheryl Bishop
Rev. Cheryl Bishop
Pastor, Faith Formation
Dan Flanagan
Dr. Dan Flanagan
Pastor, Senior Adults, Caring Ministry
Matt Walker
Matt Walker
Associate, Caring, Leadership Development
Tammie Haug
Tammie Haug
Assistant, Welcoming, Faith Formation
Leslie Kring
Leslie Kring
Assistant, Communications, Missions, Sr Adults

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