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Senior Adult Ministry One Day Retreats

Jan 22, Mar 19, Apr 30 and Aug 20
8:30 am - 2 pm
Springhill Retreat Center

Robert L. Weber of Harvard Medical School writes: “Richard Morgan and Jane Thibault invite us to join them on this pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life and serve as our tour guides.  Their intimate familiarity with the terrain and their frank honesty about the joys and sorrows of the trip comfort and embolden. The 7 Gateways guide us to a deeper appreciation of the spiritual opportunities we might otherwise miss on this remarkable, last, and most important journey of our lives.”

Jan 22, led by Rev. Fred Treviño 

Gateway 1: Facing Aging and Dying
Gateway 2: Learning to live with Limitations

Mar 19, led by Dr. Becky Bruff 

Gateway 3: Doing Inner Work
Gateway 4: Living In and Out of Community

Apr 30, led by Rev. David Scroggin 

Gateway 5: Prayer and Contemplation
Gateway 6: Redeeming Loss and Suffering

Aug 20, led by Rev. Fred Treviño 

Gateway 7: Leaving a Legacy

Pre-registration is required in one of the following ways: 

  • Shawver Welcome Center, beginning Sun, Jan 4
  • Church office, beginning Mon, Jan 5
  • Online Need help? Contact

Cost is $15 for the book and one-time contribution to the series. Lunch is included. Books are available when registering.

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