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Sole to Soul

Walking daily devotionals for transformation during the season of Lent

We hope you'll take time during Lent for focused family, friend, or individual devotional time. We've provided 14 scriptures and three daily questions below to get you started. Scroll through them below or download/print the set. After that, you can repeat the scriptures, or you can find your own verses to use with the same three questions.

How to best use the scriptures:
1. Check in with each other (or yourself). You might ask, "How was your day?" or "How is it with your soul?"
2. Read the scripture out loud and then discuss each person's responses to the three questions.
3. Share one thing you are grateful for today.
4. Bless one another. You might take the hand of someone with you and use your finger (or “blessing balm” if you have it) to draw a cross on the back of their hand, call them by name and say, “You are a blessing.” If you are alone, you can do this for yourself. If you are with a group, you can all take turns until everyone has received a blessing.
5. Close in prayer.

Walking together and talking together is a beautiful way to be attentive and intentional. While this may not work for everyone on every day, you could also do this during a meal, while sitting together perhaps outside, or while riding in the car together.



What does this tell us about God?
what does this mean for you as a child of God?
How can this passage become real in your life?

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