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Book Signings

Sun, May 15, 9:30 am - 12:15 pm, Ministry Center Concourse

Greet and purchase books written by three of our own: Dr. Terry Parsons, pastoral counselor; Dr. Dan Flanagan, senior adult and caring ministries; and Dr. Justin Tull, retired United Methodist pastor. Authors will donate 20% of proceeds to Network of Community Ministries.

By Dr. Justin Tull
Reflections on God

Explore the central elements of God’s nature and Christianity’s relationship to other religions.

Reflections on Daily Living

Touch on the trials and temptations of daily life: dealing with tragedy, self-centeredness, the rat race, living in the present, letting go of hurts.

Reflections on the Christian Faith

Focus on the major themes of the Christian faith—the Bible, salvation,  prayer, discipleship, worship, communion, and death and resurrection.

Books above include discussion questions for individual or group use.

Also available: Why God, Why? and Christmas Journeys
By Dr. Terry Parsons
Life-Changing Stories: Reflections of a Seasoned Therapist

Gripping, memorable, and inspiring stories of life-changing experiences from Dr. Parsons' thirty years as a therapist and earlier years as a hospital chaplain and church minister. Includes a study guide in the back of the book that offers the opportunity to delve deeper into each topic with questions for personal, professional, or group work.

The Intimacy Jungle

It's a jungle out there. A jungle more deadly than any alligator-infested swamp. It's the intimacy jungle - where your happiness and fulfillment for a lifetime are at stake. You may be dating, engaged, married, single, separated, or divorced. If you want a thriving, lifetime marriage, this book is for you. It identifies the factors and practices that are absolutely essential to a lasting relationship.

By Dr. Dan Flanagan
A Theologian and Baseball Fan: What Could Go Wrong?

Using a theological framework to analyze the game of baseball provides a much more interesting, if not deeper, experience of the game. More than a game and more than life, baseball becomes a reflection of the deepest meaning of life. Those who are baseball fans and people of faith are invited to expand their love of both.



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