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Adult Ministry

Then Jesus said ... “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” - John 8:31-32

Learning Communities

Study opportunities designed to meet you where you are, connect you to others, and move you along your own faith journey

In-progress and upcoming Learning Communities are posted below in chronological order by start date.

Spring 2019 Opportunities

Registrations and payments are online through Fellowship One. Links are included with each group.

  • Praying the Scriptures  •  Weekly, on-going

    When & Where: Wed  •  Weekly, on-going  •  1-2:30 pm  •  Room 208
    Led by: Rev. Mary Howard
    Childcare: No

    Using the lectio divina method for small groups, we will pray various scriptures and even some spiritual classics. Instead of focusing on facts and background information, we will seek to hear God speaking to us through the scriptures. A long term commitment is not required. You may participate as your schedule permits, including joining at any time! No cost. 


  • The Ways of Grace: Companions in Christ  •  Jan 9 - Mar 6

    When & Where: Wed  •  Jan 9 - Mar 6  •  10-11:30 am  •  Room 205
    Led by: Dr. Dan L. Flanagan
    Childcare: No

    Using an experiential approach to scripture, participants will journey through the central stories in the Gospel of John, hoping to identify with the grace received by each character who encounters Jesus. While God’s grace comes to us in unique ways, it also comes to us across all boundaries of time and place. This is not a traditional Bible study, but a deep, personal engagement in the scriptural text. $10.


  • Enneagram Journey: Soul Work, Self-Awareness, and Spiritual Transformation  •  Jan 10 - Mar 14

    When & Where: Thur  •  Jan 10 - Mar 14  •  6:45-9 pm  •  Harvey Assembly Room 217
    Led by: Lisa Hancock
    Childcare: Yes. Please make reservations by emailing at least four (4) business days before the first group meeting.

    This is an introductory course and the first step in your Enneagram journey.

    Learn to utilize the Enneagram, an ancient tool from centuries of Judeo-Christian faith and scholarship, to cultivate self-awareness, growth and personal transformation. Self-knowledge assists in our walks with God, enables our true and best self to emerge, and can transform the way we relate to others.

    $90 includes participant workbook


  • You’ll Get Through This – Women’s Bible Study  •  Jan 15 - Feb 26

    When & Where: Tue  •  Jan 15 - Feb 26  •  11:30 am - 1 pm  •  Room 208
    Led by: Marsha Mayo and Debbie O’Reilly
    Childcare: Yes. Please make reservations by emailing at least one week before the group meeting.

    You fear you won’t get through, whatever “this” is, financial woes, relationship valleys, health crises. Will the sky ever brighten? This load ever lighten? Yes! Deliverance is to the Bible what jazz music is to Mardi Gras, bold, brassy and everywhere. Do you crave hope for the tough times? Then this is the message you need.



  • Making Sense of the Bible  •  Jan 29 - Mar 5

    When & Where: Tue  •  Jan 29 - Mar 5  •  6:30-8 pm  •  Room 2A (Bartula Family Life Center 2nd floor)
    Led by: JB Bryant
    Childcare: No

    The world’s best-selling, most read, and most loved book is also sometimes the most confusing. We will explore the overall message of the role of God and people in creating the Bible, and how to make sense of challenging topics in the Bible like faith and science, violence, and sexuality. We invite you to ask questions as we wrestle with understanding how the Bible helps us find meaning and purpose in our lives.

    Cost: $10


  • Speaking with Integrity in a Divided World  •  Feb 10 - Mar 17

    When & Where: Sun  •  Feb 10 - Mar 17  •  3-4:30 pm  •  Room 203
    Led by: Drs. Josh Fitzpatrick and Dan Flanagan
    Childcare: No

    It is difficult to discuss controversial issues with integrity so that we learn from each other, formulate our own positions without fear of reprisal, and contribute to a healthier culture. All ages, all theological & political perspectives, the frustrated and the hopeful, are invited to practice a model for meaningful dialogue around tough issues.

    Cost: $10


  • Women's Lenten Study - Renegade Gospel: The Rebel Jesus  •  Mar 5 - Apr 16

    When & Where: Tue  •  Mar 5 - Apr 16  •  11:30 am - 1 pm  •  Ogden Fellowship Hall
    Led by: Marsha Mayo and Debbie O'Reilly
    Childcare: Yes. Please make reservations by emailing at least one week before the group meeting.

    Central to the Christian faith is a man who denies all our pre-conceived notions about what God should look like. Joining his movement will mean coming to terms with the real Jesus, the rebel Jesus.

    Jesus didn’t come to start a religion. The rebel Jesus came with a renegade gospel to start a revolution. You and I are invited to be a part. In Renegade Gospel, pastor and author Mike Slaughter presents Jesus and his challenging message to inspire us during Lent, Easter, and through the year. Read the red letters and discover Jesus all over again.

    Cost: $12

    Register Feb 13 - Mar 12

  • Why Didn’t I Convince You?  •  Mar 10-24

    When & Where: Sun  •  Mar 10-24  •  11 am - 12 noon  •  Room 203
    Led by: Ed Frantz
    Childcare: Yes. Nursery (0-23 mos.) & Sunday school (2 yrs - kinder at 8:45, 2 yrs - 12th grade at 9:45, 2 yrs - 5th grade at 11)

    Have you ever really tried - and failed - to convince someone of the correctness of your understanding on religious issues? After the debate is over, do you ever wonder what happened? What you said or did not say, did or did not do, that was likely responsible for your failure? Find out why it’s so difficult, and then next time use your discoveries to your mutual benefit.

    No cost


  • Reflections on God  •  Mar 11 - Apr 1

    When & Where: Mon  •  Mar 11 - Apr 1  •  7-8:30 pm  •  Room 203
    Led by: Dr. Justin Tull
    Childcare: Yes. Please make reservations by emailing at least one week before the group meeting.

    Have you ever wondered if your understanding of God is trapped at a third-grade level? Ever mistakenly insisted that “everything happens for a reason?” Ever blamed God for a tragedy that shook you to the core? Our resource will be the book, Reflections on God, and led by its author, Justin Tull. 

    Purchase the book at the Welcome Desk for $10. 


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