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And the king will answer them, “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” - Matthew 25:40

Sew & Donate Face Masks

For Local First Responders, Care Providers, and Front-line Workers  For Methodist Richardson Medical Center

Masks for Donation to Local First Responders, Care Providers, and Front-line Workers

Through a new partnership with Intergra Seating, we have received 600 sets of pre-cut fabric and ribbon ready to be machine sewn according to simple instructions. Everything is pre-cut, and instructions with photos are included. The only thing you need to provide is thread.

Supplies, in sets to make 20 masks, will be available for pick-up from FUMCR or delivery to your home. Pick-up at FUMCR will be on Tuesday, May 12, from 1-3 pm, in the Main Covered Driveway. Masks should be machine sewn and returned to FUMCR the following Tuesday afternoon. Those who have supplies delivered can have masks picked up. 

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Summary of Instructions: Two pieces are connected with a seam down the nose. This is repeated with two more pieces to have an inner side and outer side. The two sides are sewn together inside out, leaving an opening, then turned right side out. Ribbons are attached to each side for the ties.)

Want to cut your own fabric? The pattern is at

If you work with the public or in a health care setting and need masks, please contact Francy Collins at 

Requests will be taken for as long as our supply lasts.

Methodist Richardson Medical Center is accepting donations of homemade face masks.

Drop offs may be made from 5 am - 7 pm at the Medical Center's Main Entrance desk, 2831 E. President George Bush Highway, Richardson, TX  75082.


The preferred style is two layers, pleated, and includes a pocket to add an interchangeable layer of added protection and ties around the back of the head. Wire across the nose is optional.

The ideal fabric is a tightly woven (not knit), non-stretchy material. The best fabrics are: cotton, heavyweight cotton t-shirts, flannel, antimicrobial pillowcases or mattress covers, and 400+ thread-count sheets. The less light the fabric lets through, the more effective it will be. Whether the fabric is new or used, please wash it in hot water and dry it at the hottest setting allowable for the fabric before using it for a mask. 


The best mask that we have found that meets the criteria requested has these instructions, including cutting/pinning guide, and video (also embedded on this page).

Materials needed for one mask:
  •  tightly woven fabric, 14 1/2" x 8"
  •  4 ties, 15" each, bias tape or cut from t-shirt 
  •  wire for nose clamp
  •  scissors, ruler, pins/clips, sewing machine, iron

Helpful hints:
  •  The ties in this mask are strips from a t-shirt. Bias tape or binding would be a suitable substitute. Satin or grosgrain ribbon would not (too slippery, would come untied).
  •  The video shows the opening in the middle of the back side. After the video was made, it was suggested that the opening be closer to the top for the comfort of the wearer. The written instructions indicate the opening should be 1/2" down from the top edge.
  •  Wire for the nose clamp can be accomplished with two new twist ties folded together lengthwise.


The Medical Center is also accepting headbands with a large button (1" min. dia.) positioned above the ear on each side to wrap elastic ear loops around. See examples in photo.

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