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I Believe


Written by Pam Shamblin

At FUMC Richardson, the sixth grade is when our “tweens” experience nine months of study, memory work, service and fun... Read More

LeadershipFirst....a blessing!


Written by Bruce Batman

Being involved has given me an even deeper appreciation for our great church. . . . Read More

Parent Connections: Social Media - A Review in Tweets!


Written by Beth Smith

A fantastic night to connect with other parents of teens and just see what our kids are dealing with when it comes to Social Media... a review in Tweets... Read More

A Thank You Letter for 2015 Dessert Theater


Written by Caitlin Wells

The 2015 Journey Youth Choir Dessert Theater was a HUGE success, and it is all because of YOU! Read More

School Transforms Library to Say Thank You!


Written by Rich Rindfuss

Last Thursday Mark Twain Elementary invited the Access congregation to their school for a meal to express their appreciation for our partnership. Read More

I Believe in LeadershipFirst...


Written by Cathy Chen

When I was first invited to be a LeadershipFirst participant I admit I was excited but a bit hesitant. Read More

What Do You Get When 4 Christians Judge a Science Fair?


Written by Rich Rindfuss

What do you get when 4 Christians judge a science fair? The answer is “awesomeness,” but I’ll understand if that’s not the first thought that came to your mind. Unfortunately in our contemporary culture Christians... Read More

New Year, New Start


Written by Pavielle Chriss

As children of God, going where God wants us to go, how can we be about sharing and reflecting the good news of love and forgiveness? Read More

So Where's This God of Yours?


Written by Kevin Burns

Finding God. This can be a tricky scenario. Did you know we were supposed to be looking for God? Some may answer, "God is in everything!!" Others may say, "I know God is there, but I'm not really thinking about that." Read More

When Hope is Named...


Written by Pavielle Chriss

Jesus is a symbol of God here with us on earth in our hurt, our fear, and in difficult times. Read More