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Learning to Be Grateful...

11/20/2014  •  Year of Gratitude  •  Written by Pavielle Chriss

As soon as I learned to write, my mom taught me how to compose a thank you note. After elementary school, it was an expectation that I would write notes on my own and deliver them. In the sermon on Sunday, Rev. Oliphint said “gratitude is like a muscle developed over time.” After almost twenty five years of practice, writing thank you notes is now a reflex, an automatic response, to my feelings of gratitude. (Now I do not claim to be perfect…Cards are not always written in a timely fashion, but the thought about writing a note does occur!)


After reflecting on the sermon, I realized I have not thanked my mom for instilling this discipline of expressing gratitude in me! I am truly thankful she took the time to teach me and patiently reminded me when I forgot to follow through. My life is better because my mom taught me to say “Thank You.” 


Two points that stood out to me in the sermon this week were:

1)      When we do not say thank you, we take things for granted.

2)       A life of gratitude brings wholeness to our lives.


What/who are you taking for granted? What can you do to develop your gratitude muscle to bring wholeness to your life?

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