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When Hope is Named...

12/19/2014  •  Advent  •  Written by Pavielle Chriss

With the name Pavielle, I am often asked about the origin. In the past, people have been so curious that they have researched my name and reported back what they found, which was not much. I know that my name is French, and it was the name of an Avon perfume in the 80s. A quick Google search reveals the name was most popular in the mid to late 1980s and could be a variant of the Russian name Pavel meaning “humble” and “small.” Unquestionably, the name is unique. I have not encountered anyone in person with the same name, but I have Facebook friends from Canada with my name! 

In the sermon on Sunday, Rev. Oliphint shared the meaning and importance of the name Emmanuel. In Matthew 1:23, an angel appears to Joseph and tells him to name his son Emmanuel, which means, “God is with us.” Jesus is a symbol of God here with us on earth in our hurt, our fear, and in difficult times. This name brings hope to us. No matter how challenging or frightening a situation or life may be, remember God is with you. 

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