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LeadershipFirst....a blessing!

3/25/2015  •  LeadershipFirst  •  Written by Bruce Batman

When I was asked to be a part of this group, I had mixed emotions:  is this for me, what's it about, where do I fit in...  After thinking through these questions, I found it to be an honor to be included in this adventure we call LeadershipFirst!

I have been able to put names and faces together of people I've seen around the church.  Being involved has given me an even deeper appreciation for our great church.  We are here to serve and give back to a church community that does so much for us. 

LeadershipFirst is a forward-thinking process that reaches all who are willing to answer the call. I don't feel pressure to take on another task, but I've come to appreciate knowing opportunities are there if I choose to become involved.

I look forward continuing the journey with my alumni group.  What a blessing this is!


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