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Parent Connections: Social Media - A Review in Tweets!

3/24/2015  •  Parent Connection  •  Written by Beth Smith

Great advice from Sarah Brooks in the FUMCR Parent Connections meeting over Parenting in a Social Media World! #strengthincommunity

A parent’s job isn’t  to watch your teen's social media like a hawk.  It’s to help them navigate life and make good decisions.  #parenting&socialmedia101

Kids come home from school with their friends in their pocket. Their social life doesn't end. #hardtobeakidtoday

Teens are not going to set boundaries. You as parents must set boundaries for them. #parentingisnotforsissies

Set Private accounts on your kid’s social media.  #strangerdangerisreal

Establish that you will always have access to your kid’s social media accounts.  #goodparentingnotbigbrother

Create tech-free zones/times (do not let teens have their phone overnight with free reign and wifi) #kidsneedsleep!

Turn off notifications (notifications pull you back in) #constnatinterruptionsarenothealthy

It's not an app problem but a teen problem and you know how to talk to your teens.  #keepthedialoguegoing

Thanks FUMCR for bringing another wonderful speaker to your Parent Connections Series!

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