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So Where's This God of Yours?

1/6/2015  •  God, New Year  •  Written by Kevin Burns

The title of this post is a quote from one of my favorite movies - Forest Gump. In this scene, Lt. Dan (a friend of Forest's from his time serving in the Vietnam War) was on the deck of the shrimp boat that he and Forest were using to get into the shrimping business. They weren't very successful, even though they tried everything they knew to garner some good luck. They even began attending church services!

This went on for weeks, and after hauling in yet another empty net, Lt. Dan says to Forest before jumping in the ocean for a swim:

"So where's this GOD of yours?"

The scene then cuts to the two of them on the deck of the shrimp boat in what appears to be the middle of a hurricane where we hear Forest's voice as the movie's narrator:

"It's a funny thing Lt. Dan said that, cause that night…. God showed up."

Finding God. This can be a tricky scenario. Did you know we were supposed to be looking for God? Some may answer, "God is in everything!!" Others may say, "I know God is there, but I'm not really thinking about that."

In my opinion, that's a realistic response -- We are busy. Our to-do lists do stretch on and on and on… and while we may know in the back of our head that "God is in everything" we really just may not be thinking about that.

As we begin a new year, it seems to be a good time to let our minds wander about our life, our goals, even to go as far as to make resolutions.  One place to start is to examine whether or not our dreams match God's dreams for us.

Enter the story of Moses - in particular the story of Moses and the burning bush.

When Moses first encounters God, it wasn't by God getting in Moses' way and tripping him along the path. God was up to something curious (a bush burning but not consumed) and Moses had to stop and decide to go investigate! Moses could have just said, "Hmmm… that's weird." And left it at that. But Moses went to investigate and the course of his life was changed forever. He discovered God's dream for God's people right then and there, and discovered that he [Moses] was a part of that dream.

Are you stopping to investigate where God shows up in your life? It could be in something curious or fantastic. But more likely than not, it's in something that we are not stopping to even notice, let alone investigate.

Where have you seen God before? What do you think God's dreams are?

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