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And the king will answer them, “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” - Matthew 25:40

Ark House "Occupancy" Team Members

Occupancy teams field phone calls from potential Ark House residents to determine if they can fill an apartment or be put on a waiting list. Two volunteers are needed to put the responsibilities on a rotating basis with another team that is already in place.

One team is in place. One or two additional two-person teams are needed to rotate the responsibilities. Tasks can be done anywhere you have a computer and access to the internet. An Ark House cell phone is provided for all voice communications to protect your privacy.

- Be available 8 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Friday, on assigned weeks to receive calls from prospective Ark House occupants and hospital social workers. As with any business, it is acceptable for an incoming call to go to voice mail if you are unavailable for a time.
- Coordinate referrals from hospital social workers via phone, email, or text.
- Coordinate with the applicant to get the name and email address for each prospective occupant.
- Send applications to the patient and any prospective occupants to get authorization for doing a background check. Review application for any “red flags” that would prevent acceptance.
- Request background check and review results for acceptance. In cases where the prospective occupant might not be accepted, notify Ark House Chair to take action.
- If the occupant is acceptable, notify patient/occupant and place on the waitlist.
- When an apartment becomes available, send an occupancy agreement (lease) for signature.
- Work with patient/occupant to get them into the apartment.

Rio Texas Hurricane Rebuilding Workcamp

Work will include repairing or rebuilding homes in the coastal area that were damaged by Hurricane Harvey. The team will stay in a church, sleep on air mattresses, and prepare and eat meals there. Sept 15-21. Contact Rev. Joy Anderson at or 972.235.8385 for more information or to sign up.

Read With Me Volunteers

Read With Me is a summer reading camp for local elementary children, who might not otherwise maintain their reading level over the summer.

Volunteers are needed weekday mornings, July 8-26, from 9:10-11:30 in a variety of roles:
- Read one-on-one with children
- Plan and lead one week of crafts
- Plan and lead one week of active games

Adults and teens 8th grade and up may volunteer. Sign up for one day or as many as you are available.

Ark House "Make Ready" Team Members

Ark House leases 21 apartments near Royal Lane and Central Expressway in a 400-unit complex. After the Occupancy Team is notified of an occupant checking out (which happens every 3 days, on average), a Rent Make Ready Team is called into action. An additional Rent Make Ready Team is needed to spread out the tasks and give teams periodic breaks. Tasks include:

- Evaluate apartment's readiness for new occupants.
- If it was cleaned according to check-out instructions, do minor cleaning as needed. If it was not, major cleaning can be done by a maid, with consideration for the cost and lost rent due to delays.
- Verify that linens have been washed and folded. If they were not, replace them with a set of linens you bring with you. Take the dirty ones home and wash and fold for reuse on next apartment.
- Reset the combination on the door.
- Send an email to other Ark House board members stating the apartment is rent ready and your recommendation on refunding the deposit.

Ark House Communications & Website

Communications tasks:

- Keep the Apartment Guide Notebooks up to date as processes and procedures change for our occupants. Notebook is a 24-page document kept in 21 apartments.
- Produce two newsletters each year that are distributed in print and by email. Transition the distribution to being primarily by email. Newsletter is currently four pages, with most of the content provided by committee members.
- Maintain and update marketing brochures.
- Assist other committee chairs with public relations activities.
- Expand our reach to a larger group through email system to create fundraising opportunities.

Website tasks (as part of or in coordination with Communications):

- Manage Ark House web page hosting.
- Maintain and edit the Wordpress hosted website (if you can use MS Word, you can do this).

Meal Planner for Body & Soul

Volunteer would plan menus and order food for the every Sunday meal for Body & Soul.

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