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Explaining Christmas

We HOPE you EXPERIENCE the true meaning of CHRISTMAS with your family!

Advent Wreath, one candle lit

The Advent wreath is a wonderful Christian tradition. The four candles represent each of the four weeks of Advent with the white or center candle representing the birth of Christ. Each candle tells a wonderful part of the story and meaning of Christmas. Take time each Sunday with your family to sit down and relax for just a minute in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season to experience Christmas and remind each other of the real meaning of Christmas.

The ADVENT Christian season is rich with symbols. And yet, symbols are hard for young children to understand. Try using the symbols to create Christmas memories and traditions so that children can understand the story behind that memory or tradition. Advent is the season of preparation for Christmas, so help the children get ready for the celebration of the birth of Christ!

Christmas Symbols and their Meanings

Purple or Blue is the color of royalty.
The star reminds us of the wisemen.
Green represents life and nature.
Circles remind us of God's never-ending love.
Bells call us to worship.
Presents represent the greatest gift of all.

Make a Christmas Chain with little ones.

Their concept of time is probably based on "When Santa comes." Encourage a calendar that celebrates the days until Jesus' birth by putting together construction paper links that they can tear off each day. You can make the last link silver or white. Older children could write gifts they are thankful for in their life on each link while younger children help parents tape the chain together.

"Tell me about Saint Nicholas, the original Santa Claus."

Saint Nicholas secretly left gifts of gold as a gift for poverty-stricken maidens. This legend was cited as an example of the good saint's love of any of God's children in distress. Later Saint Nicholas became the patron saint of school children and, according to tradition in some countries, Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus leaves gifts secretly during the night. These gifts can also represent the gifts left by the wisemen.

"Why Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh for a baby?"

Gold represents wealth and royalty.
Frankincense is a gum and spice that can be burned to produce a fragrant smoke or incense and often was used in worship, therefore symbolizing divinity.
Myrrh is a gum resin that is bitter and pungent and was valued in perfumes and was often used to anoint bodies before burial. Thus, myrrh symbolizes mortal humanity.

"Are they kings, wise men or magi?"

In the Bible in the book of Matthew, the Wise Men are priestly students of the stars, men accustomed to interpreting the significance for human affairs of the stars and the meaning of dreams. These Wise Men were Gentiles. The king references are out of Old Testament verses.

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