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If information for this Right Next Step has been entered through the AddGroup form, please provide the liveSite Reference Code.

To find the reference code, go to: This page will open in a new tab/window. Use the Search bar to find the group/event. Highlight and copy the alpha-numeric code. Paste the code into the field below.

If information for this Right Next Step has NOT been entered through an AddGroup form, please provide below.

Identify a Category for each Relationship that this Right Next Step matches best.

Discovering = Curious, questioning, in transition, new to Christianity/denomination/FUMCR, open to new experiences
Exploring = Seeking new experiences/insights/connections/activities, aware of God's grace/hopes, learning "how to's" of faith
Practicing = Consistent in behaviors/spiritual relationships, learning "practices" are meaningful, pursuing new ways to learn/grow/serve
Deepening & Expanding = Joyful in spiritual life, wanting to share/mentor/equip others, willing to say yes to challenge out of desire to serve
blank = This suggestion does not fit in this Relationship.

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Add a My Journey Right Next Step

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