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More Than Sunday: Season 8

Take a deeper dive into questions of faith and practice with host Rohini Drake, Director of Welcoming and Online Ministries, and two new guests each week.


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This season, we're talking to influencers! Not necessarily the Tik Tok or YouTube influencers you may know but people who are influencing positive changes in their communities.

To celebrate the release of our 100th episode, we have 100 More Than Sunday mugs to give away! If you’re a fan, request a mug, and we’ll reserve one for you.

Our 100th Episode!  •  Oct 4  •  with former hosts Rev. Julie Henson, Eric Czechowski, and Dr. Josh Fitzpatrick

Join us for a trip back to the beginning of this journey and learn how the idea for More Than Sunday started and how it’s evolved over each season. Tune in to get a sneak peak behind the scenes and hear some special stories from our previous hosts!

Episode #101  •  Oct 11  •  with Casper ter Kuile and Eric Czechowski

Casper ter Kuile is the author of The Power of Ritual, co-founder of Sacred Design Lab, The Nearness, and co-host of the popular podcast, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.
Harry Potter and the Sacred Text Podcast
Sacred Design Lab

Episode #102  •  Oct 18  •  with Hollis Owens and Blake Lindsay

Hollis Owens is the Founder and Executive Director of To Be Like Me. Blake Lindsay is a LEADer at To Be Like Me.
To Be Like Me

Episode #103  •  Oct 25  •  with Daniel Roby and Dr. Clayton Oliphint

Daniel Roby is Chief Executive Officer at Austin Street Center.
Austin Street Center 
Humble Beginnings Luncheon 

Episode #104  •  Nov 1  •  with Rev. Jessie Light-Wells and Eric Czechowski

Rev. Jessie Light-Wells is Campus Minister and Executive Director of UKirk SMU.

Episode #105  •  Nov 8  •  with Dr. Clayton Oliphint and Eric Czechowski

This More Than Sunday podcast was featured during a livestream event for United Methodist Communications. 
Resource UMC

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